About Erlangen

Erlangen Marktplatz (© Arne Seebeck)

French “savoir vivre” in Franconia: In the 17th century, the Margrave Christian Ernst built the new town of “Christian Erlang” right next to the medieval town Old Erlang to accommodate French Huguenots. To this day, Christian Erlang is one of the best preserved baroque-era planned cities in Germany. It also serves as a monument of European importance and is the lively inner city of modern Erlangen.

The smallest of Bavaria‘s big cities has preserved its international flair of the days of the Huguenots to this day. Recently, Erlangen has developed as the high-tech center of the Nuremberg metropolitan area. This is due to the renowned Friederich-Alexander University, two Fraunhofer Institutes, a Max-Planck Research Center and the world‘s largest site of the Siemens AG.

View over Erlangen
View over Erlangen (© Arne Seebeck)

But visiting Erlangen also offers a lively art scene. The International Figure Theater Festival, the International Comic Salon, a poet festival which is one of Germany‘s most beautiful outdoor literary happenings, and the Silent Movie Music Days all take place in the historical Huguenot town.

Stadtmuseum and Martin Luther Square
Stadtmuseum and Martin Luther Square (© Thomas Dettweiler)

At every turn you find stony witnesses of days gone past and the relaxed, easy-going charm of modern day Erlangen. You don‘t have to go far to see a lot. There are picturesque baroque-era houses, margravial splendor, modern architecture and lots of green space to enjoy. Plus you will find many shopping and leisure opportunities. Coffee shops, restaurants and taverns are a hallmark of this university town.

4 facts about Erlangen

  • Erlangen is famous for its university, and renowned as a medical city – take your benefit from well-founded sector competence in the “secret” medical capital of Germany
  • With two Fraunhofer institutes, one Max-Planck research group and the Siemens group’s largest site worldwide being based here, Erlangen is one of the TOP economic locations and the hight-tech and research centre of the Metropolitan area of Nuremberg
  • The “Neustadt” which had been constructed by Margrave Christian Ernst to host Huguenot refugees from France is one of the best-preserved Baroque planned towns in Germany, and a cultural heritage of European standing
  • Erlangen is not only the smallest metropolis in Bavaria, it is also where the oldest beer festival in the world “The Bergkirchweih“ takes place every year
Paulibrunnen and Erlanger Schloss
Paulibrunnen and Erlanger Schloss (© Sabine Ismaier)